Unreal: Secret paper documents Israeli opposition pact with Abbas; land give-away, ‘right of return’

Unreal: Secret paper documents Israeli opposition pact with Abbas; land give-away, ‘right of return’
Isaac "Buji" Herzog speaks at the Saban Forum in 2014. (Image: Screen grab of Brookings Institution video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Israeli voters didn’t know how important their votes were in 2015.  One thing we do know is that the Obama political machine dispatched its own operatives to Israel to try to sway the vote in favor of this very man:  Isaac “Buji” Herzog, who led the coalition challenging Netanyahu last year.  We live in the most “interesting” of times.]

A paper of understanding that was exposed Sunday night by Channel 10 News shows that MK Isaac Herzog, chairman of the Zionist Camp, who conducted extensive meetings with Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas before the March 2015 elections, agreed to hand over all of Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem to a Palestinian State, and reached a deal on letting Arab refugees come back to live inside 1967 Israel. The negotiations with Abbas were conducted in secret between retired Brigadier General and former MK and Minister Ephraim Sneh and a senior PA official. It should be noted that during the weeks just before the March 17 elections, the polls showed the Zionist Camp edging out Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud party, and the plan back then was seen as the shape of things to come in the most realistic way.

On the issue of the borders between Israel and Palestine, Herzog agreed to giving up 100% of the post 1967 territories, with an allowance for a mere 4% of Israeli settlements staying put in exchange for comparable land in pre-1967 Israel to be handed to the Palestinians. Eastern Jerusalem was going to become the capital of Palestine…

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