Keep calm and ponder what Trump has actually said about a ‘Muslim ban’

Keep calm and ponder what Trump has actually said about a ‘Muslim ban’
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[Ed. – The idea of temporarily suspending immigration from Muslim countries that produce a lot of terrorists isn’t that controversial among the American people.  Nor is the idea out of keeping with American political beliefs — which have never included the belief that it’s essential to import deadly problems into our society.  The MSM are expert at framing these issues to sound a blame knell against common sense.  But the people are waking up to that ruse.]

There’s no doubt that many Muslims in Afghanistan (which is 99 percent Muslim) believe Islamist violence is justified. Pew found that 18 percent of Afghan Muslims said such attacks are often justified, 21 percent said they are sometimes justified, and 18 percent said they are rarely justified — for a total of 57 percent who believe Islamist violence is justified on at least some occasions. (Forty percent said such attacks are never justified, and 3 percent didn’t know.)

In addition, Pew found that 99 percent of Muslims in Afghanistan favor making Sharia “the official law of the land in our country.”

And yet, as Trump said in the national security speech, “Immigration from Afghanistan to the United States has increased nearly five fold in just one year.” …

Trump’s national security speech was the most extensive case he has made recently that the U.S. should not admit large numbers of immigrants from Afghanistan and other countries with high belief in Islamist violence and Sharia law. “They share these oppressive views and values,” Trump said. “We want to remain a free and open society.” …

The people who have called him bigoted, hateful, a Nazi, un-American, and more are not likely to calm down if Trump were to refocus his proposal. But Trump, supported by current events — the Orlando shooter’s family just happened to come from one of the worst countries in the world in terms of Muslim radicalization — could reset the debate just the same.

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