‘Good Morning America’ allows just 18 seconds for ‘unprecedented’ revolt against Obama policy

‘Good Morning America’ allows just 18 seconds for ‘unprecedented’ revolt against Obama policy
Obama making his oh-so adult pouty face

Although NBC and CBS on Friday covered the “unprecedented,” “deep frustration” that diplomats at the State Department have for Barack Obama’s Syria policy, ABC’s Good Morning America allowed a scant 18 seconds to the move against Obama. This is despite allowing 14 minutes to a Demi Lovato rock concert, clearly not as important a topic.

Here is the total of GMA’s coverage on Friday from news anchor Amy Robach: “President Obama’s policies in the Middle East coming under fire. This time from diplomats at the State Department. More than 50 diplomats have signed a memo urging the President to launch air strikes against Syrian dictator Bashar Al Assad, claiming there has been little progress in five years of war.” 

In contrast, here’s how NBC’s Today covered it:

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: Another big story in politics breaking this morning. Dozens of U.S. diplomats are breaking ranks with the President, calling for air strikes against the Syrian government. Richard Engel, NBC’s chief foreign correspondent, is in Istanbul this morning. Richard, good morning. This seems quite remarkable to have such an open break with the President from his own administration.

Reporter Richard Engel explained, “I think it expresses the deep frustration that is even within the State Department about the current U.S. policy in Syria.” Engel underlined that it’s unusual “more than 50 mostly mid-level State Department employees choose to use this dissent channel to say they want a different policy.”

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