Emerald Isle to see drone drop of abortion pills as protest against Irish laws

Emerald Isle to see drone drop of abortion pills as protest against Irish laws
File image. (Image via Times of India)

It’s an act of defiance to raise awareness, a gesture of “solidarity.” It won’t terminate the pregnancy of a single desperate woman in a place where abortion is illegal. It’s still a good idea. But it’d be better if it went all in — and not just across the Atlantic.

Pro-choice advocates have scheduled a drone drop for next week to send abortion pills to a border area between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to protest restrictive reproductive health laws in both places. Rita Harrold, one of the effort’s organizers, told the Guardian this week that “The action is an act of solidarity from women in the south, where abortion is criminalized, with women in the north, where abortion is also criminalized and unfortunately there have recently been a number of prosecutions. We will be sending the drone over the border and bringing the pills into Northern Ireland to show women that they are still available and they are still safe.”

There, a group of women who are not pregnant have pledged to take the pills — mifepristone and misoprostol — to demonstrate their safety and to make a plea for reproductive rights.

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