Bias in data-weighting appears to be driving poll favorability for Hillary

Bias in data-weighting appears to be driving poll favorability for Hillary

[Ed. – Magical Democrat overestimates — a perennial human-caused problem with national polls.  You know that if the presumptive GOP candidate were Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio, the top Republican politicos would be out explaining their heads off about polling bias.  But since it’s Trump, they’re willing to go along with the quite-possibly-false narrative that Trump is suddenly tanking in the polls.]

Late on Wednesday, this media outlet released the results of a national poll claiming to show that Clinton holds a 6% advantage over Donald Trump in the direct head-to-head matchup. …

However, based on the polling details, the final weighted sample of 976 registered voters is made up of just 28% Republicans and 35% Democrats. …

According to nationwide polling data, Republican Party affiliation has averaged 28% for 2016 so far, and it also averaged 28% since the start of May.  This agrees well with the CBS News poll’s composition.

On the other hand, the last time the Democrats were at 35% was early March…of 2013.  Since May of this year, Democratic party affiliation has averaged 29%, just 1% higher than the Republicans, not 7% higher.

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