California’s new motor-voter law could add 2m illegals to voter rolls in first year

California’s new motor-voter law could add 2m illegals to voter rolls in first year
Illegals wait at a California DMV, Jan 2015. (Image via Twitter)

[Ed. – The “2 million” who would be added could ALL be illegals.  There’s nothing to guarantee against that outcome.  Increasingly important question: what stake do law-abiding citizens have in the existing status quo?  What is the incentive to keep honoring it?]

A new study from the Public Policy Institute of California estimates that, if executed successfully, the state’s new motor voter law could add more than 2 million new voters to the rolls in its first year of implementation.

The new law, slated to take effect next year, is supposed to streamline the way citizens register to vote at Department of Motor Vehicles offices. Once fully implemented, drivers applying for or renewing licenses and completing other DMV transactions will have their information electronically transmitted to the secretary of State, as long as they’ve confirmed they’re eligible to vote and don’t opt out of registering. ,,,

[V]oters registering at the DMV as of April 1 have been using a new protocol that helps automate the process but requires registrants to go to a separate room to answer key questions about party preference and language preference on a touch-screen terminal.

As many as a third of people registering to vote at DMV offices statewide have walked out before completing this crucial step , officials have said. That has led to criticism from voter advocates who say the two-step process could confuse voters and lead to complications in voting.

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