Planned Parenthood outreach group blames Orlando attack on ‘toxic masculinity’

Planned Parenthood outreach group blames Orlando attack on ‘toxic masculinity’
Image: WSB video screen grab

[Ed. – Another country heard from.]

A Planned Parenthood black community outreach group is claiming that what happened in Orlando was due to “toxic masculinity.”

#Islam doesn’t foment the violence alleged gunman Omar Mateen enacted, toxic masculinity & a global culture of imperialist homophobia does,” the group, PP Black Community, tweeted on Sunday.

Now, I’d agree it wasn’t motivated by “Islam” generally, because I understand the difference between “Islam” and “radical Islam.” However, I am also not so completely brain-dead and delusional as to think that this attack was motivated by absolutely anything but the latter.

How do I know? Because I’m a psychic? A genius? No, because the shooter, Omar Mateen, &*%$-ing said it was.

If a person, in the process of murdering 49 innocent people, pledges allegiance to ISIS and expresses solidarity with the Boston bombers, his motive is radical Islam. Got it? The motivation of this attack is not a mystery. It was radical Islam, and only radical Islam.

Was Mateen sexist and homophobic? Absolutely. But here’s the thing: Those are characteristics of radical Islam. They’re not separate motives to be discussed; they’re inherent parts of the one, single motive, which is the motive that we should be discussing.

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