Gay couple in Russia ‘arrested for Orlando tribute’

Gay couple in Russia ‘arrested for Orlando tribute’

A Russian gay couple were arrested Monday while trying to leave a tribute outside the US embassy in Moscow to victims of the Orlando shooting rampage, the RBK newspaper reported.

Islam Abdullabeckov, a social media editor for the newspaper, and his boyfriend Felix Glyukman were trying to leave flowers and a sign reading “Love wins — Stay with Orlando” outside the embassy when they were detained, they told RBK.

“The police arrested us straight away and put us in their car for so-called ‘unauthorised action’,” Abdullabeckov said.

“We only wanted to express our condolences for the murder of these people and we had not at all planned any kind of political act,” he added.

The two men, who list themselves as being in a relationship on Facebook, posted photos on the website that they took inside the police car.

“This is completely surreal,” Abdullabeckov wrote in a caption.

Glyukman added: “We tried to leave flowers and a sign at the embassy — we did not succeed.”

He also posted a photo of himself in detention on Instagram with his sign fallen to the ground.

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