Dem House member: GOP wants shootings to ‘continue to happen’

Dem House member: GOP wants shootings to ‘continue to happen’
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Rep. Joe Crowley , D-N.Y., charged Tuesday that the lack of plans to move a gun control bill in the House shows Republicans want mass shootings to keep happening again and again.

Crowley spoke with other House Democrats a day after many Democrats said the House’s moment of silence to mark the Orlando tragedy was not enough.

“Nothing, nada, zip,” Crowley said when describing what Republicans have done so far. “They would rather these events just continue to happen, I guess.”

Crowley said Democrats want the House to pass a bill banning people on a federal no-fly list from owning a gun, but said Republicans have refused.

“They’re American families that are hurting,” Crowley said. “And these 49 victims join the long list of victims and families that are hurting because their Congress will stand for a moment of silence but do absolutely nothing.”

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