UN resolution backs EU’s crackdown on arms smuggling off Libyan coast

UN resolution backs EU’s crackdown on arms smuggling off Libyan coast
French carrier FS Charles de Gaulle. (Image via Le Parisien)

[Ed. – All things old are new again.  A peek-preview of this development was the UN imprimatur put on European action against arms smuggling in the Adriatic in the early 1990s, when Yugoslavia fell apart.  That too involved an old seam opening at the border of Islam and the West.  Keep after this long enough and we’ll be back to triremes and longbows launching flaming arrows from shore.]

The United Nations Security Council on Tuesday unanimously authorized a crackdown on arms smuggling in the high seas off Libya by allowing the inspection of vessels to seize and dispose of illicit weapons.

The European Union proposed the council resolution to expand its naval operation in the Mediterranean, which the 15-member Security Council authorized in October to seize and dispose of boats operated by human traffickers.

The council resolution expressed concern that “arms and related materiel are being used by terrorist groups operating in Libya, including ISIL (Islamic State).” …

U.N. sanctions monitors last year told the Security Council that Libya needed help from an international maritime force to halt the flow of weapons in and out of the country.

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