52% of British Muslims in poll think homosexuality should be illegal

52% of British Muslims in poll think homosexuality should be illegal

More than half of British Muslims (52%) think homosexuality should not be legal, and nearly half (47%) think it is not appropriate for gay people to teach in schools, according to a new survey of British Muslims.

The results have sparked debate about the integration of the Britain’s largest religious minority.

The findings come from face-to-face interviews with 1,081 British Muslims by the polling agency ICM for a television program, “What British Muslims Really Think.” The program is scheduled to air Wednesday on Britain’s Channel 4.

The survey, conducted with self-identified adult Muslims last year, found Muslim attitudes to be in line with mainstream public opinions on many topics. But significant differences emerged on issues relating to gender, sexuality, anti-Semitism and political or religious violence.

For example, the general public was markedly more liberal on issues related to homosexuality, with 11% of those surveyed saying homosexuality should not be legal, and 14% saying that it was not appropriate for gays and lesbians to teach in schools.

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