Mitt in a snit: Lays into former GOP candidates for losing out to Trump

Mitt in a snit: Lays into former GOP candidates for losing out to Trump

[Ed. – Because Mitt knows how it’s done?  Did he completely miss that whole painful episode with Marco Rubio imploding into rubble, after he charged full-tilt at Trump in the ill-fated debate?  Sure, the #NeverTrump crowd was cheering.  But poor young Marco was signing his own political death warrant.  It was just so miserably obvious that he wasn’t his own man.  If Romney really thinks the way to win 2016 was to attack Trump, his cognitive problems are much bigger than previously suspected.]

During a question-and-answer session with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer before around 250 Republican donors gathered here for the Romney-hosted Experts and Enthusiasts summit, the former Massachusetts governor said this year’s group of primary candidates misplayed their hand. By spending months attacking each other and ignoring Trump, he argued, they made a severe tactical error that allowed Trump — who Romney has criticized as a “con man” and a “fraud” — to escape unharmed.

“Their biggest failure was attacking each other and not the frontrunner,” Romney said. “Just politically, I thought that move was not right for them.”

Romney reserved particular scorn for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who Romney endorsed late in the primary process. The Texas senator, he pointed out, spent extensive time during the campaign praising Trump. He also said Ohio Gov. John Kasich had divided the anti-Trump vote by remaining in the race long after it had become clear he didn’t have a realistic pathway to the nomination — a message he said had relayed personally to the Ohio governor.

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