Mark Cuban might go Trump if Fauxcahontas joins Hillary ticket

Mark Cuban might go Trump if Fauxcahontas joins Hillary ticket

[Ed. – A.  How often in life do you get to write THAT sentence?  B.  I think Cuban will have a lot of company.  The country can only take so much screechy, nasal nanny-progressive at a time.]

Why pick Warren, though, when Hillary could just pick Bernie Sanders? Warren is a first-term Senator with significant baggage, while Sanders has a following of tens of millions of voters. Neither of them passes the ticket-balance or Ready-On-Day-One tests, though, and wedding Clinton to the extremists might cost her some votes in the center.

That’s Mark Cuban’s position. Today on Fox’s Varney & Co, the billionaire supposedly also under consideration for the VP slot by both candidates tells Stuart Varney that putting Warren on the ticket will push him to support Donald Trump. What the nation needs is less partisanship and extremism, Cuban says, and less “headline porn” too…

Later in the same interview, Cuban offered his running-mate services to both candidates

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