For liberals, all’s fair when starting a ‘conversation’

For liberals, all’s fair when starting a ‘conversation’

The other day, former CBS News darling Katie Couric was … asked about the scandal swirling around her anti-gun documentary — specifically, the fact that she deceptively edited a gun-rights group’s response to a question to make the members seem like dangerous idiots….

“I can understand the objection of people who did have an issue about it,” Couric said. (The “it” here is the deliberate falsifying of the truth). “Having said that, I think we have to focus on the big issue of gun violence. It was my hope that, when I approached this topic, that this would be a conversation-starter.”

Well, okay then.

After all, who denies that starting conversations — or, as they often call them in academia, “dialogues” — is the highest aspiration there is?

For instance, a Central Michigan University professor claimed last year that she was punched in the face at a Toby Keith concert for being a lesbian. She later admitted that she actually punched herself, but said it was worth it because she wanted to start a dialogue.

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