Texas: HS valedictorian comes out at commencement – as THIS

Texas: HS valedictorian comes out at commencement – as THIS
((Image: Screen grab of McKinney Boyd ISD Media video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Mob “justice” rules.  The sad joke on this poor kid is that it won’t do her much good any longer to be a great, “undocumented” success, in a country whose benefits will not be available to her when lawlessness has killed them all.]

McKinney Boyd High School’s graduating class got a shock at their ceremony when valedictorian Larissa Martinez revealed that she and her family are undocumented Mexican immigrants.

Larissa and her mom moved to McKinney in 2010. During her time at Boyd, Larissa held nearly a 5.0 GPA, was a distinguished scholar, and a member of clubs such as Key Club and National Honor Society.

Reaction to Martinez’s controversial comments quickly spread on social media. The debate has been spirited on the CBSDFW Facebook page with some on the social site expressing their frustration and others their support.

“I knew from about the third week of her freshman year that she was special,” says history teacher Scott Martin. “I noticed how high her GPA was even in that third week. And then I got to know her as a person.” …

Larissa now has a full ride to Yale. She hopes to become pre-med, and one day work as a neurosurgeon.

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