Congress colludes in another EPA power grab

Congress colludes in another EPA power grab
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[Ed. – Remind me again what we elected these people for?]

“The EPA can now jail you for putting dirt on your own land,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said in a speech before the Senate Tuesday.

Paul was discussing the EPA’s powers granted in the Clean Waters Act, cautioning the Senate against potential changes in the Toxic Substances Control Act. If legislation is passed, the EPA will be allowed to personally decide how strictly it regulates the chemical industry.

Yesterday Paul retracted his objection to an amendment to the TSCA, allowing it to pass through the Senate. The House introduced the TSCA Modernization Act in May 2015, and passed it 403-12 on May 24, 2016. The Senate intended to approve it under unanimous consent on May 26, 2016, but Paul, as the sole objector to the bipartisan bill, stalled its progress. He suggested the lawmakers read the 180-page act before passing it on to the President for signing.

The amendment will shift chemical regulations from the state to the federal level…

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