While we’re on the subject: 7 other female firsts

While we’re on the subject: 7 other female firsts
Image: AP

First Female Self-Made Millionaire

Way back before female business owners were even a thing, Sarah Breedlove Walker was a barrier breaker of epic proportions.

Born in 1867 as the first of her parents’ five children born free, Walker was orphaned at 7. She married at 14 and after her husband died 6 years later she became a washing woman, according to TIME.

She went on to become an entrepreneur when she developed a hair product and marketed it with the help of her third husband.


First Woman to Summit Everest

Born in Japan in 1939, Junko Tabei was first interested in mountain climbing at the age of 10. She finally started realizing her dreams after graduating from Showa Women’s University, according to Everest History. She started climbing in the early 1960s and finally became the first woman to reach the peak of Everest in 1975.


First Female Rabbi

The life of Regina Jonas does not have a happy ending — as could be said for a good number of German Jews who lived mid-century.

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