Clinton surrogate says superdelegates are intended to ‘temper the raging masses’

Clinton surrogate says superdelegates are intended to ‘temper the raging masses’
Jennifer Granholm (Image: YouTube screen grab via TED)

[Ed. – This should do wonders for assuaging the anger of Sanders supporters out for blood of reporters who wrote that Clinton had sewn up the nomination before Tuesday’s primaries.]

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, a Hillary Clinton surrogate, acknowledged on Monday what the Democratic party’s superdelegate system is all about: “temper[ing] the raging masses.”

Appearing on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes,” Granholm weighed in on news that the Associated Press and NBC News had named Clinton the party’s presumptive nominee based on a sum of her pledged delegates and super delegates.

The projection caused a stir among some political observers and Bernie Sanders supporters. Sanders and his backers have argued that the use of superdelegates — a group of 714 party leaders and elders — usurps the democratic process.

About 15 percent of the 4,765 total delegates up for grabs are superdelegates. Clinton holds a 572 to 46 advantage in that category. Clinton’s superdelegate tally plus her 1,812 pledged delegates brought her to the 2,384 threshold needed to secure the party’s nomination, the AP and NBC News announced Monday.

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