Student paper sues UC-San Diego after being defunded for mocking ‘safe spaces’

Student paper sues UC-San Diego after being defunded for mocking ‘safe spaces’
UCSD's own satirical paper, The Koala: terrifying threat to safe spaces everywhere. (Image: Screen cap of Koala Facebook page)

[Ed. – It’s come to this.  Everybody suing everybody over everything, just to get by from day to day.  So, granted, UCSD is a public university, chartered and funded by the taxpayers.  (A private university can censor or defund whatever it wants.)  But even so, I’m not sure that the First Amendment is the top-level controlling principle here.  After all, if the student government objected to a student paper that endorsed Nazism or the Ku Klux Klan, no one would rush to defend the paper and insist that the university had to keep funding it.  Yet printing “Go, Nazis!  Yay, Klan!” is protected speech.  So there’s some ambiguity here.  The interstices where ambiguity reigns and the most basic principles don’t cover every contingency proliferate, the more things we turn over to government (like running our universities and paying for what goes on in them).  Those interstices are also precisely where liberties die.  But who even understands that today?  Who can imagine human life without state-run universities and lawsuits to decide who can be forced to fund what speech?]

A student newspaper at the University of California-San Diego which was defunded after releasing an issue that mocked safe spaces and trigger warnings is now suing the university for freedom of the press violations.

The paper, known as The Koala, was defunded by the university’s student government last year after multiple complaints of bias, having gained a reputation for satirical content and in particular challenging the ideas behind campus censorship.

However, they have now opened legal proceedings against the university for two violations of the first amendment, freedom of speech and freedom of the press, with the aid of The American Civil Liberties Union for San Diego.

In a Facebook post, the publication said, “Today, the ACLU San Diego filed a lawsuit against the UCSD administration and Associated Students citing freedom of the press and freedom of speech violations.”

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