CA man who tried to join ISIS in 2014 sentenced to 12 years on terrorism charge

CA man who tried to join ISIS in 2014 sentenced to 12 years on terrorism charge
(Image via Tea Party Tribune)

The defense argued that about 2 1/2 years was more appropriate for the young man from the Lodi-area town of Acampo, saying his mental issues might be irreparably worsened by a long stretch in federal prison.

U.S. District Judge John A. Mendez didn’t go for either pitch Tuesday, saying any crime related to terrorism is too dangerous to the public.

“There is no room for error,” Mendez told Teausant as he sentenced him to 12 years in prison and another 25 years of supervision after his release. “The risks are too high.” …

He was a community college student and National Guard washout who converted to Islam to impress a young woman, then came under suspicion after a series of online postings that included references to a hit list for those accused of “crimes against Islam.”

He told government undercover operatives of his plans for attacks in the United States, boasts that the defense said he never actually could have carried out.

Teausant’s life changed irreversibly when he boarded an Amtrak train bound for Seattle as part of his plan to travel to Canada and then on to Syria to join the terrorist group.

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