5 reasons why Donald Trump will win the White House in November

5 reasons why Donald Trump will win the White House in November

Donald Trump will win the 2016 presidential election.

Not “might” win. Not “could win under the following circumstances.” He’s going to win as surely as the sun rises in the east, as certainly as high tide follows low, and as definitively as Steph Curry laid waste to the Oklahoma Thunder’s defense.


Here are five reasons why:

His rhetoric resonates. (Even as it appalls.)

Everyone knows that Trump is an outrage machine. What few people appreciate is that Trump is a well-calibrated outrage machine. He has fastened on to issues that other candidates couldn’t discuss without sounding like pandering flip-floppers.


Most Republicans are falling in line.

I’m a die-hard #NeverTrump guy, but I know I’m among a minority. Although some prominent Republican leaders have withheld their support, it’s clear that the GOP rank-and-file is rallying to the presumptive nominee.


Gotcha journalism doesn’t faze Trump.

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