Near-riot, massive property damage when Kanye says he’ll do pop-up concert in NYC

Near-riot, massive property damage when Kanye says he’ll do pop-up concert in NYC
Mob scene outside almost-concert venue for Kanye West. (Image: Screen grab via video by Incredible World, YouTube)

[Ed. – And the concert gets cancelled at the last minute BECAUSE of the out-of-control fans swarming the venue.]

Mayhem broke out as more than 4,000 Kanye West fans packed Webster Hall early Monday morning for the artist’s surprise show.

After the Governors Ball’s headliner was canceled on Sunday morning due to severe weather, the “Yeezus” artist hinted at a secret show at the East Village venue immediately after his Summer Jam concert in New Jersey at about midnight.

In less than five minutes after the hint was tweeted out, thousands of diehard Yeezy fans flocked to the theater that only holds 1,500 people, with lines covering up to two streets around the block. …

The hype for West grew too large and too fast, forcing Webster Hall’s management to shut down the show, preventing the “Power” rapper from getting into his own venue. …

Even as the show was canceled, and West left, fans refused to budge, with officers yelling to the massive crowd, “go home, guys, party’s over” as people climbed down from the Amsterdam Billiards Club awning.

As the crowds cleared, pool hall employees were forced to clean up a mess of broken glass and garbage on their sidewalk.

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