Wrong mom harassed after gorilla death at Cincinnati Zoo

Wrong mom harassed after gorilla death at Cincinnati Zoo
Image: WTOL video screen grab

A Northwest Ohio woman is speaking out after she became the target of online abuse linked to the death of a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Many people have messaged Michelle Gregg of Weston, thinking she’s the same Michelle Gregg whose son fell into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo on Saturday, leading officials to kill the animal.

“It is crazy that they typed in my name, saw that I was from Ohio, saw that I had a little boy, and assumed that I was her,” said Gregg.

She says she became a target shortly after the incident.

“That I deserve to die instead of the gorilla, and someone even said that my child should have had his limbs taken off and he should have been eaten alive by the gorilla,” said Gregg.

One message even mentioned karma was coming for her and her son.

Gregg says once she figured out the name connection, she started to reply to nearly every message, and changed her Facebook photo.

“People that were hateful, I thought they needed to know that I wasn’t the person that they were looking for, and for the people who were being positive, I wanted to thank them,” said Gregg.

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