OK, but Trump still hasn’t ‘closed the deal’

OK, but Trump still hasn’t ‘closed the deal’

[Ed. – The ellipsis passage here is a big “but.”]

I expect to vote for Trump in November.


So I give thanks for David French, and for Bill Kristol, who has taken plenty of incoming fire for pushing an independent Republican bid for the presidency. No, I don’t think this independent bid has a chance of winning the White House. But I do think David’s consideration of it sends a powerful message to Donald Trump: “You may have won the nomination, but you haven’t closed the deal. We’re already skeptical of your conversion, and we still want the Republican party to be the conservative party. We’d like to see the Democrats lose, but whether you win is less important to us than how you would govern. If you pivot to the left (as many of us suspect you will), we will not be along for the ride — and then you will lose. That’s fine with us because, if we have to deal with a wolf anyway, we’d rather it came as a wolf than clothed as one of us.”

Oh, and about that wolf. Most of the Republican rationalizations for supporting Trump are strategically flawed. It is common for Trump doubters to throw up their hands and say, “I’m not #NeverTrump because I’m #NeverHillary.” But what if Hillary is not the Democratic nominee?

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