Obama accuses ‘right-wing’ radio and cable of stoking racial fears among white people

Obama accuses ‘right-wing’ radio and cable of stoking racial fears among white people
Halloween CAN be frightening to small children.

“Right-wing radio” and “some cable news stations” are actively stoking racial fears among white Americans, President Obama warned Wednesday.

“I have been listening to the stuff for a while now,” he told a crowd of supporters in Elkhart, Ind. “I’m concerned when I watch the direction of our politics. We have been hearing this story for decades: Tales about welfare queens, talking about ‘takers,’ talking about the 47 percent.”

“It is the story that is broadcast every day on some cable news stations, on right-wing radio. It is pumped into cars and bars and VFW halls all across America,” he added.

If you repeat a lie enough times, people start to believe it, Obama explained.

“It is no wonder people think big government is the problem. No wonder public support for unions is so low,” he said.

“No wonder that they did a survey and a lot of white Americans think reverse discrimination is as big a problem as discrimination against minorities even though black unemployment is twice as high as white unemployment,” he added. “And the typical Hispanic woman makes 55 cents per every dollar a white man earns. And there are only a handful of women running Fortune 500 companies.”

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