In the battle against ‘sleazy’ media, why Trump keeps lapping Hillary

In the battle against ‘sleazy’ media, why Trump keeps lapping Hillary

After Donald Trump had himself a fine time ripping the sleazy media, Hillary Clinton did a Trump-like thing: she called into two cable news shows.

She was asked about Trump… but didn’t make much news. And therein lies the heart of the problem for a news business that is supposed to be dedicated to fairness.

One candidate is openly hostile to the press but does all kinds of interviews—television, radio, newspapers, magazines, websites—day after day. The other candidate is privately hostile to the press but also very selective in doing interviews—and hasn’t held a news conference in months.

Of course there’s an imbalance in the coverage, and it’s about more than ratings—though attracting more eyeballs and clicks is clearly a factor.

The New York Times, in a piece on this very subject, offered an example….

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