Hillary, not Sanders, is the one who should drop out

Hillary, not Sanders, is the one who should drop out
Credit: AP

If the Democrats want to save themselves the indignity of a total slaughter, Hillary Clinton should drop out of the race. After last week, a Hillary-led ticket has as much chance of winning the White House as Trump has of losing the white vote. Sanders can beat Trump. And Hillary can’t — not anymore.

Too many scandals, too many years of Clinton fatigue, and now, after the latest email revelations, just too many lies chasing her like Van Helsing on Dracula.

But The Donald lies too — and he’s killing it, right?

You bet. Just don’t place that bet at Trump’s Taj Mahal, which he doesn’t even own.

So yes, the two presumptive candidates (well, he no longer needs to presume) lie like cheap rugs.

The difference is that Hillary lies and sticks to it, and Donald lies and gets away with it.

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