4 warning signs about threats to national security that Hillary ignored

4 warning signs about threats to national security that Hillary ignored

Warning No. 1: [I]n January 2011, hackers were attacking her private server. Twice, the Hillary and Bill Clinton staffer responsible for maintaining the server had to shut it off to protect data held by America’s top diplomat and the former president. The staffer notified State Department officials of the attempted hack, and Clinton’s top aides there emailed each other to say that “sensitive” matters should not be discussed with Clinton over email.

Warning No. 2: Two months later, the assistant secretary for diplomatic security sent a memorandum on cybersecurity threats directly to Clinton, warning of a dramatic increase in efforts “to compromise the private home email accounts of senior department officials” in a likely attempt to “gain access to policy documents and personal information that could enable technical surveillance and possible blackmail.” The memo to Clinton warned her that some personal email accounts had already been compromised and had “been reconfigured … to automatically forward copies of all composed emails” to the hackers.

Warning No. 3: That May, Clinton herself suspected that there might have been another hacking incident when she “received an email with a suspicious link.” Hours after her aides discussed the issue over email, Clinton received another email with a suspect link, this time from the personal account of the “under secretary of State for political affairs.”

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