Migration gives Sweden a male majority, but this paper won’t admit that

Migration gives Sweden a male majority, but this paper won’t admit that
Here they come. (Image via Breitbart)

[Ed. – You’ve never seen a news outlet labor so hard to not speak the obvious truth: that the extraordinarily rapid demographic shift in Sweden is due entirely to the immigration of Muslim males between 15 and 30.  The statistics cited for other European countries show the same blindingly obvious trend.  The idea that the M-F ratio is shifting because indigenous Swedish men suddenly, for no apparent reason, started living ever-longer, just a couple of years ago, is idiotic.]

Sweden is experiencing a gender balance shift that has caught the country by surprise: For the first time since record-keeping began in 1749, it now has more men than women. But it may be a sign of things to come in Europe as changes in life expectancy and migration transform demographics.

Swedes don’t quite know what to make of this sudden male surplus, which is highly unusual in the West, where women historically have been in the majority in almost every country. …

The tipping point in Sweden happened in March last year, when population statistics showed 277 more men than women. The gap has since grown to beyond 12,000. [Huge.  Does not suddenly, spontaneously happen with life expectancy in indigenous populations. – Ed.] …

Norway swung to a male surplus in 2011, four years before Sweden, while Denmark and Switzerland are nearing a sex ratio of 100. Germany, which had an unnatural deficit of men after two world wars, has seen its sex ratio jump from 87 in 1960 to 96 last year. Meanwhile, Britain’s sex ratio rose from 93 to 97 in the same period. British statistics officials project that men will be in the majority by 2050.

Researchers don’t have a clear idea of what happens to a society when the population becomes more masculine. [Wrong question, dudes. – Ed.]

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