On Memorial Day, don’t forget this Army SGT imprisoned for killing Taliban operative

On Memorial Day, don’t forget this Army SGT imprisoned for killing Taliban operative
SGT Derrick Miller, USA -- jailed for killing an enemy combatant who attacked him. (Image via Gateway Pundit)

[Ed. – This is atrocious.  We are to understand that SGT Miller should have let a known Taliban operative grab his gun, rather than fighting back and subduing him with whatever force necessary.]

Sgt. Derrick Miller remains in jail as Obama prepares to release 24 of the worst terrorists from Gitmo.

Sgt. Miller was jailed for killing a Taliban operative who tried to grab his gun.
DC Exposed reported:

In September 2010, twenty-eight year old Sgt. Derrick Miller, of Hagerstown, Maryland, took part in a combat mission in an area of Afghanistan known to be a Taliban stronghold. An Afghan national who had penetrated a defense perimeter set up by the US Army was brought to Sgt. Miller’s attention by one of the soldiers under his command. This soldier recognized the man from a security checkpoint one day prior. He positively identified him as the driver of a truck which Miller’s security detachment had searched. That search revealed the vehicle was transporting armed combatants to a nearby firefight. Derrick’s men were, at that time, instructed to let the vehicle pass because of instructions handed down by his superiors in command at the time.

The Afghan man appeared to be gathering information, thus portraying suspicious behavior, ultimately leading to Sgt. Miller being sent to question him. At this time he was already confirmed to be an enemy combatant.

The questioning took place in an open area with another soldier and an Afghan interpreter present. …

While questioning the insurgent things began to get heated. The Afghan insurgent attempted to grab Sgt. Miller’s weapon, ultimately leading to him being shot and killed in the struggle.

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