Reminder: Japan was building a nuclear weapon too in 1945

Reminder: Japan was building a nuclear weapon too in 1945

The Japanese had begun a program to develop a “uranium” bomb even before the sneak attacked on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, killing some 2000 Americans and starting war with America. They had top scientists working on their atomic bomb, including a future Nobel-prize winner, Hideki Yukawa. Over the course of the war they spent millions on the program, hunting uranium, building crucial separators, designing a workable bomb, and elevating their program to a top priority at the end of the war as they frantically sought “miracle” weapons with which to turn the tide going against them.  Had America not used its atomic bombs and instead invaded the Japanese mainland, the Japanese were planning to use atomic weapons on the invasion fleet, which certainly would have been devastating. Kamikazis had been bad enough. Imagine if they had been armed with nuclear weapons.

Of course none of this was mentioned by Barack Obama in his non-apology apology in Japan. …

The Japanese scientists knew how to make a bomb. Plans discovered in 2002 showed an actual diagram of their bomb. …

As the U.S. drew closer to Japan proper, the Japanese war government made development of an atomic bomb a top priority. The army and navy programs began to cooperate with each [other]. …

In Korea, right after the Hiroshima bombing, US intelligence received reports that the Japanese had test fired an atomic device off the coast.

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