Left-wing male feminists enraged over refusal to review all-female remake of ‘Ghostbusters’

Left-wing male feminists enraged over refusal to review all-female remake of ‘Ghostbusters’
Image: YouTube screen grab (via Cinemassacre)

James Rolfe, life-long Ghostbusters fan and creator of the long-running web series ‘Angry Video Game Nerd’ has refused to review the female Ghost Busters film.

Rolfe, who runs the website Cinemassacre, made a video explaining why he wouldn’t review the film and how it didn’t deserve his money based on the trailers.

This, of course, has left-wingers annoyed as they assume the role of martyrs for the awful-looking pre-released film.

According to left-wing website Salon, “his refusal to see the eventual film is pretty strange, especially since thousands of people respect his obsessive and informed reviews. If he doesn’t like it, why not watch the movie and tell everyone.”

Other sites were more venomous in their attacks.

Uproxx writer Keith Phipps wrote, “[Rolfe] took what he seemed to believe was some kind of principled stand against the film by refusing to see or review it, a declaration delivered with the squinty, clenched-jaw righteousness of a protester standing in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square while offering a series of increasingly fragile justifications: that it shouldn’t be called Ghostbusters because this might confuse children; that it wasn’t the movie he wanted…”

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