Blogger to Mitt: Shut up, already

Blogger to Mitt: Shut up, already

[Ed. – Sure.  Although why Mitt should shut up when nobody else will…is not worth going into, come to think of it.  But at least Jazz keeps it sprightly and fun.  Exit question: what are YOUR most effective methods of fending off insomnia?]

As I said, I have no desire to go around whacking Mitt Romney. In fact, I’ve tried to defend him and noted his admirable record, particularly when some of our friends like Erick Erickson keep up their relentless efforts to get him to change his mind and run. And I don’t deny that he’s earned a place as a prominent spokesperson in the GOP. Back when we still had an actual primary battle raging, Mitt was fully within his rights to pick a candidate other than Trump and stump for them vigorously or attack The Donald as he chose. Heck, I was supporting Ted Cruz myself so I can relate to the disappointment factor.

But if I might offer a gentle word of advice here, Mitt, the primary is over. Trump is going to be the nominee. If you are still trying to tear him down, what are you now offering as an alternative that will still allow us to stop Hillary Clinton? Are you planning to fight for a third party candidate, and if so, who? Not for nothing, but there were hordes of #NeverTrump people literally BEGGING you to run third party yourself. You chose not to. That’ on you, so stop complaining about the person who wound up winning.

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