Plurality of Americans now disapproves of using the bomb on Japan

Plurality of Americans now disapproves of using the bomb on Japan

[Ed. – The numbers are 43% approving the use of the bomb, 44% disapproving.  There’s a demographic breakdown chart at Allahpundit’s post.]

After decades of Americans defending Truman’s decision to drop the bomb, we’ve now had enough population churn to finally move the numbers. People who lived through the meat grinder of World War II are dying off, replaced by people who’ve never lived in a country that has a military draft, let alone one that might have placed them in the middle of a maelstrom like X-Day. Go figure that when Gallup polled the public in August 1945 on whether they approved of the development of the atomic bomb, fully 69 percent said yes. Fast-forward 71 years and here we are. …

Give public opinion another 10 years to deteriorate and the next president who visits Hiroshima probably will apologize. I’d put 50/50 odds on President Hillary doing it, her own hawkish tendencies notwithstanding.

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