Norwich University in epic cave to aspiring cadet

Norwich University in epic cave to aspiring cadet
The Citadel -- the one that didn't cave. (Image: Joseph Sohm, Shutterstock)

[Ed. – The Muslim woman requesting accommodating of the hijab at this private military school is the same one who got turned down at the Citadel.  Definitely sounds like she’s on someone’s mission to wage cultural jihad.]

Yesterday, I had a new acquaintance share an email he received as an alumnus of Norwich University — the nation’s oldest private military institution, from the president’s office. I share the email below:


Norwich University received a letter requesting religious accommodations with respect to the Norwich University Corps of Cadets uniform from a female student accepted into the Corps of Cadets and the Class of 2020.

Her request to the Commandant of the Corps of Cadets specifically addressed a religious accommodation to observe the hijab, a broad term that defines modest dress by Muslim women. She requested the University’s permission to wear religious head covering to cover her hair and neck at all times in uniform, and for uniform accommodations that would enable the covering of her arms and legs.

Norwich University granted the student’s request for religious accommodations respective to the Corps of Cadets uniform and will amend the Corps of Cadets Standard Operating Procedures to permit her observation of the hijab. …

[W]hen Henry O. Flipper reported to West Point as the first black cadet, he did not demand an exception to a uniform standard. And this young lady hasn’t been denied attendance to The Citadel or Norwich University because she’s Muslim. She is requesting a different standard because of it.

So here’s the real question about this young lady’s intention — is her commitment to Islam or to the Corps of Cadets, its traditions, and in the end, the Constitution of the United States?

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