Why crazy Bernie is stumping through CA’s faceless freeway exurbs

Why crazy Bernie is stumping through CA’s faceless freeway exurbs
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[Ed. – Uh, because that’s where the votes he could get — i.e., take away from Hillary — are.  But he’s doing it his way.  California’s just excited to have some actual “campaigning” going on, for once.]

“He’s not hanging out in Beverly Hills, not hanging out in Pacific Heights for a reason,” said Ben Tulchin, the campaign’s California-based pollster, referring to the high-end communities in Southern and Northern California.

“People who have been left behind by this rigged economy — that’s a big part of the strategy, that we shine a light on them,” he said. …

With his highly nationalized approach, however, Sanders doesn’t take full advantage of the opportunity for kinship. In the northern San Diego County city of Vista, he mispronounced the city’s name.  [Seriously: how do you mispronounce “Vista”? – Ed.] In Irvine, he suggested that many schoolchildren in that upscale area didn’t know anyone attending college.

In perhaps the most gaping omission, he did not refer to the December San Bernardino terrorist attacks in his speech there. Clinton, by contrast, mentioned the loss of life and continued concern in San Bernardino during her appearance in nearby Riverside.

In Ventura, Sanders was preceded to the stage by an organizer who noted that the venue for the event was a Native American site.

Sanders made no mention of that, sticking to the words he uses in every speech about how America owes a debt to its native people that it can never fully repay.

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