Buy a town of your own: U.S. selling off former NSA facility in Sugar Grove, WV

Buy a town of your own: U.S. selling off former NSA facility in Sugar Grove, WV

[Ed. – Would if I could.  Sugar Grove had an iconic stature in Naval intelligence lore for many years.  This one’ll have to get in line behind the 700,000-acre ranch in north Texas, however.]

If you have $1 million just sitting around and dream of living out the premise to M. Night Shymalan’s psychological thriller The Village, have we got a deal for you.

An entire town, which was once part of the National Security Agency’s massive surveillance operation, includes 80 single-family homes, a fire station, a swimming pool and a bowling alley in picturesque rural West Virginia, is up for auction with bids starting at $1 million.

A former naval base that hosted super-secret NSA surveillance activities, Sugar Grove Station was retired last fall and is now being auctioned off by the U.S. General Services Administration. …

[T]he town is less than three hours from Washington, D.C. but could hardly be more divorced from the bustle of the capital—your cell phone won’t even work there. The town is located in the United States National Radio Quiet Zone, a federally designated area in which electronic communications are strictly regulated.

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