supports the Second Amendment… without realizing it supports the Second Amendment… without realizing it

So we all know that Amazon bans all type of sales on firearms and ammunitions on its website and that Jeff Bezos himself is a Democrat supporting gun hater from the left coast.


Now usually I advocate and follow a personal boycott of all anti 2nd Amendment establishments but the ease, cost and range of items at Amazon was making it very difficult for me to do so.

But then I found out something that just amuses me greatly. Amazon (and extensibly gun hater Jeff Bezos) will donate money to charitable organizations of your choice if you go through

This came up when I had to purchase a hard to find part for my motorcycle. I figured they would give me a list of all these touchy feely save the planet, stop war BS charities.  But in fact their range is quite extensive.

And wouldn’t you know it, among the options were my old friends at Gun Owners of America’s 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Gun Owners Foundation.

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