Mother sat on toddler’s head for an hour

Mother sat on toddler’s head for an hour
Image: WGCL Via Susan Kelley

A Georgia mother was arrested on May 18 when her two-year-old son was treated at a hospital after she allegedly sat on his head, reports CBS affiliate WGCL. Police say the child suffered “excessive physical and mental pain.”

Police wrote in arrest warrant obtained by WGCL that Susan Elizabeth Kelley placed a towel on a wooden chair, and then put her son’s head on the towel. Kelly then allegedly “sat on the child’s head, with full body weight, for approximately one hour in an attempt to gain ‘submission’ from the child,” police wrote.

The child became unresponsive and was transported to Eggleston Hospital in Atlanta. He received physical injuries that included redness to the head, chest and back, but is expected to make a full recovery.

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