Try ‘Vice President Gingrich’ on for size

Try ‘Vice President Gingrich’ on for size

[Ed. – Or don’t.  You know, it’s like, been there, done that, got the T-shirt.  Time to move forward with my life.  There’s a foxhole coming, and I don’t think anyone who might get elected this year would be much use in it.]

The most interesting bit in this story isn’t that Gingrich wants to be VP. That’s been plain as day for months from his shilling for Trump on Fox News and online, sometimes to comically ridiculous lengths. … All of that is obvious. What wasn’t known until now (at least to me) is the degree to which Gingrich isn’t just promoting Trump but is working for him behind the scenes.


“They talk every day,” says a source familiar with the relationship, who claims that Gingrich e-mails Trump, campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and campaign manager Corey Lewandowski “countless times a day.” …

Gingrich’s influence within Trump World is widespread. Inside Trump’s newly established campaign offices in Washington, D.C., his fingerprints are everywhere. “Right from the minute I joined we were told that Newt will have his hand in every major policy effort,” says one Trump aide. “So one of the things I do when I’m researching or writing anything, in addition to looking at what Trump has said about anything, I look at what Newt has said.”

Newt’s now a part of Trump’s “inner circle,” Eliana Johnson goes on to say.

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