Triumphalist Trumpers are crowing on a dunghill

Triumphalist Trumpers are crowing on a dunghill
Image: YouTube screen grab (via Gentleman's On)

[Ed. – There’s something we need to learn from the fact that almost no one can manage to speak temperately about the division among Republicans.  Maybe it’s just the simple lesson that this is what desperation looks like.  French isn’t wrong that there’s a triumphalist tone from a lot of Trump supporters.  But there’s a lot of over-the-top fatalism and hype from his critics too.]

‘Tis the season of chest-thumping and scoreboard-pointing. Ever since Trump essentially clinched the Republican nomination, I’ve noticed a fascinating triumphalism sweeping social media. Those who backed Trump — especially those who backed Trump early — are reveling not only in their man’s victory but also in their own newfound fame and notoriety, even to the extent of posting charts and graphs showing how much more influence they have than their “establishment” rivals do. …

If there is one thing this primary has taught us, it’s that much of the “true” conservative opposition to Obama and the Republican establishment was far less based in principle than it was in power — a desire to claw its way up by tearing others down. And this ambition was so deeply felt, so visceral, that it was simply presumed that any rage or frustration over Trump’s victory was based almost entirely on the notion that his rise meant his opponents’ personal eclipse, not on despair that long-advanced moral, cultural, strategic, and economic principles were now in peril.

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