Bob Costas lectures American Indians for not finding term ‘redskins’ offensive

Bob Costas lectures American Indians for not finding term ‘redskins’ offensive
Image: YouTube screen grab (via Team Coco)

Despite the fact that an overwhelming amount of Native Americans do not find the Washington Redskins team name offensive, Bob Costas thinks he knows better. The liberal sportscaster on Friday talked to the Washington Post and ignored the impact of a new poll finding 90 percent support for the moniker.

He lectured, “This is a football issue and there is a distinction between this issue and others that might be influenced by political correctness run amok, and it is simply this: Every dictionary defines Redskin as an insult, a slur, a derogatory or pejorative term.”

Costas added, “That is what separates it from names like Chiefs, Braves or Warriors, which are not, by definition, offensive.”

According to the sportscaster, this counts as a “legitimate basis” for opposing the name and he will continue to do so, regardless of what actual Native Americans think.

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