Why the woman card may not work against Trump

Why the woman card may not work against Trump

This week, thanks to a widely touted New York Times piece, we learned more about Donald Trump’s history with women.

Among the allegedly startling revelations, we learned he sees many women as sex objects, whom he’d like to see in a bikini. (What a surprise.) We learned he believes the ideal woman is not overweight. (Shocking.) We learned he judges beauty pageant contestants on whether he considers them hot or not. (Didn’t see that coming.) We also learned—perhaps most legitimately surprising of all—that Trump has actually promoted a number of women to key leadership roles within his organization.

It turns out the only real revelation uncovered is that when it comes to his history with women Donald Trump is a fascinating mix of misogynist and mensch, championing women he respects while demeaning women he doesn’t. In other words The New York Times’ groundbreaking investigation essentially proved one thing: Trump is more like the average man than some of us thought only with more ego and money to say what he actually thinks, and to date who he actually wants to.

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