Whew: Jeb! pronounces Trump supporters NOT ‘a bunch of idiots’

Whew: Jeb! pronounces Trump supporters NOT ‘a bunch of idiots’
Joltin' Jeb. (Image via Politico)

[Ed. – I was on pins and needles waiting for that one.]

At a three-hour event in Amsterdam hosted by the Nexus Institute, the former Florida governor and GOP White House hopeful delivered a speech and took part in a panel discussion about the changing dynamics of American democracy. …

Although Bush was not aggressively critical of Trump, as he had been during his campaign, he showed no signs that he was warming up to the presumptive Republican nominee, like some other establishment Republicans have started doing.

Still, Bush said, he doesn’t blame voters who are supporting Trump.

“What I fear is that people, kind of looking down their nose, will say the people that are supporting Donald Trump are a bunch of idiots. They’re not. They’re legitimately scared. They’re fearful. They’re not as optimistic for legitimate reasons and there should be respect for that,” he said. “And on the other side, a similar respect needs to be shown.”

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