Iowa: Another ‘hate crime’ allegation turns out to be a hoax

Iowa: Another ‘hate crime’ allegation turns out to be a hoax
Marcus Owens. (Images: Marcus Owens via Chicago Tribune)

[Ed. – This is getting to be predictable.  A feature in the Chicago Tribune makes this point:  “False reports do more than just waste police time and excite needless alarm. They also make it that much harder for the real victims to be believed…”  But, seriously: when are the victims ever “real”?  When was the last time one of these alleged hate crimes turned out to be valid?]

The Iowa City Press-Citizen, a morning newspaper, quoted Watt [a professor at U. Iowa] as saying: “I hope there is some understanding about how people can make really big and not wise mistakes in college. I hope there is some empathy for that process – for the fraternity members (involved in the fight) as well as for Marcus.” …

[Marcus] Owens, 19, had claimed that three white men yelling racial slurs had jumped him on the night of April 30, after he came out of a downtown bar.  But on Tuesday, Iowa City police revealed that an exhaustive investigation, which had relied upon surveillance video and eyewitnesses, showed that Owens had in fact instigated multiple fights – and that the drunken mayhem he provoked that night, and injuries he received, were his own fault. … Owens and his family – who had given several media interviews, and even met with University of Iowa president J. Bruce Harreld – subsequently issued an apology.

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