Hmm: Theologians want to eliminate concept of ‘hell’

Hmm: Theologians want to eliminate concept of ‘hell’
"Hell 2," detail. By Netherlands painter Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516)

[Ed. – A. Good luck with that.  B. Why?]

Writer Mark Strauss observes that according to pew, the number of Americans who believe in hell has dropped from 71 percent to 58 percent. Strauss interviews theologians who believe that the concept of eternal punishment is being replaced by “annihilationism,” which holds that those whom God does not save will simply cease to exist.


“Everlasting torment is intolerable from a moral point of view because it makes God into a bloodthirsty monster who maintains an everlasting Auschwitz for victims whom he does not even allow to die,” wrote the late Clark Pinnock, an influential evangelical theologian…

“What if the muting of hell is due neither to emotional weakness nor loss of Gospel commitment?” writes Edward Fudge, whose 1982 book, The Fire That Consumes, is widely regarded as the scholarly work that jump-started the current debate. “What if the biblical foundations thought to endorse unending conscious torment are less secure than has been widely supposed?”

Traditionalists are pushing back at this doctrine, which they view as heresy born out of misguided sentimentality. …

Strauss also talks to Chris Date, who runs a website called Rethinking Hell.

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