Western Left ignores Islam’s treatment of gays

Western Left ignores Islam’s treatment of gays

[Ed. – Emphasis in original.]

[D]espite varying degrees of punishment, no Islamic country legally permits homosexuality. In most cases it is forbidden as part of a penal code. Numerous examples exist of how homosexuals are tortured and killed because of Shari’a law. Below are only a few examples of thousands.


In Ghana’s capital city Accra, one Shari’a- enforcing group called “the Safety Empire,” is on a mission to eliminate any trend related to homosexuality other than death. They publicly seek out suspects, even without proof or any legal process whatsoever, any man suspected of being a homosexual is flogged. …


Homosexuals are primarily executed in Iran. …



If not killed, homosexual men are often sentenced to prison, depending on the level of their offense. In 2010…a 27 year-old man was sentenced to five years in prison and received 500 lashes for “indulging in homosexual activities and publishing obscene photos of himself online,” which included pictures of him wearing women’s underwear.

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