School defends video of students jumping rope with cat intestines

School defends video of students jumping rope with cat intestines
Image: Kenric Ward

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has petitioned Winston Churchill High School after a video surfaced of students using the intestines of cats dissected in an anatomy class as jump ropes in early May, but Northeast Independent School District officials are defending the pupils and teacher, saying it was a part of a lesson plan.

NEISD Executive Director of Communications Aubrey Chancellor told Tuesday that she believes the video of juniors and seniors was taken in early May and published on a student’s personal social media page.

She said the class is “very upset” about how the video, which shows them handling and jumping over the dissected intestines at the back of a classroom, is being portrayed.

“This was not meant to be degrading or disrespectful,” she said. “The idea of the lesson was to explore the tensile strength of the organs, the intention was for students to grasp that concept.”

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