Hillary’s painfully stupid campaign could still make her our next president

Hillary’s painfully stupid campaign could still make her our next president

Hillary is a politician in the John Kerry mold — she does inexplicably self-destructive things without actually having an impetuous, id-driven self-destructive streak.

Who else but a tone-deaf bumbler would have spoken the insanely infelicitous words — “we are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business” — that destroyed her in West Virginia and made Kentucky so hard for her Tuesday night? …

But forget that recent boner. How about the fact that she took giant speaking fees from banks and hedge funds and Wall Street in 2013 and 2014 knowing full well she was about to run for president in a party that hates banks and hedge funds and Wall Street? …

But before those of us who run the anti-Hillary gamut — from Hillary skeptics to Hillary cynics to Hillary haters — dance a celebratory jig around her troubles, we’d better sober up and consider the cold, hard truth about the results.

Across all 48 contests thus far, Mrs. Clinton has racked up 56 percent percent of the Democratic Party vote as against Sanders’ 41 percent. (By contrast, Donald Trump has received 41.2 percent of the GOP vote.) Two million more people have cast their votes for her than for Trump…

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