Noam Chomsky: Today’s GOP could be ‘most dangerous org. in human history’

Noam Chomsky: Today’s GOP could be ‘most dangerous org. in human history’
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[Ed. – Someone wrote that down with — evidently — a straight face.  The entire world is going insane.]

Acclaimed political theorist Noam Chomsky warned this week that today’s Republican Party could literally be “the most dangerous organization in human history.”

During an interview on Monday, DemocracyNow’s Amy Goodman asked the renowned dissident to explain the rise of Donald Trump within the Republican Party.

Chomsky pointed out that the phenomenon was an “extreme version of something that’s been going on just for years in the Republican primaries.”

“Every time a candidate came up from the base—Bachmann, McCain, Santorum, Huckabee, one crazier than the other—every time one rose from the base, the Republican establishment sought to beat them down and get their own—get their own man—you know, Romney,” he explained. “And they succeeded, until this year. This year the same thing happened, and they didn’t succeed. The pressure from the base was too great for them to beat it back.”

According to Chomsky, the roots of extremism in the current Republican Party went back Ronald Reagan’s administration.

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